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sonielle ([personal profile] sonielle) wrote2009-06-10 03:44 am
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Let me share with you the weird dreams I've been having lately.

1) I was in a place similar to Smokey Mountain/that slum in Slumdog Millionaire but the people were more hispanic. I look around and I see nothing but rubbish. I wasn't complaining about the weather, which probably means it wasn't hot at the time. Then I suddenly blurted, "I'm in Peru? Why am I in Peru? I'm supposed to be in Nicaragua! Oh well. Picture!!!" I saw headstones from afar and decided to take a photo with it as the background using my trusty camera phone but as soon as I whipped it out, all these kids started trying to grab it and take it away from me.

2) I was in a house that is being built and then all of a sudden Ai-Ai De Las Alas appears with a hot guy whom she calls "Baby" so I can only assume the guy is her boyfriend. My reaction was "What the fuck are you doing in my dreams?" - until today I'm bothered by that.