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([personal profile] sonielle Feb. 23rd, 2010 12:36 pm)
Daniel Matsunaga.

I had a dream about Daniel Matsunaga last night.

He was hugging me and kissing me all the time but no semblance whether he was my boyfriend or whatever - we were just always together.

That felt nice.

I actually "felt" his chest against my body. It was so vivid. I can't explain how or why I ended up dreaming about him. He was smiling all the time in my dream. I just remember he was wearing white all the time. And I was not really half my size; I was still thick, but I was definitely lighter. Maybe a size 14?

The last scene I remeber was him and I were hugging and we were trying to take a photo of us together just smiling.

Source: Chuvaness
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